Side Effects

Pantoprazole Side Effects

Side EffectsDisclaimer: Prior to reading below, please know that this list may not have 100% of the side effects of Pantoprazole Sodium. This is a list of known (and more common) side effects. Always consult a medical professional for specific advice.

Pantoprazole is the main ingredient in Protonix, therefore the side effects of Protonix are very similar to those of pantoprazole.

The following is a list of known pantoprazole sodium / Prontonix side effects:

– change in weight (weight gain or weight loss)

– nausea (feeling the urge to vomit)

– vomiting (puking, throwing up)

– diarrhea (usually mild)

– gas (increased flatulence)

– stomach discomfort (pain in the stomach)

– dizzy feeling (such as lightheadedness or uneasiness)

– sleepiness (unnaturally feeling tired)

– insomnia (inability to sleep)

– pain in joints (aching in joint muscles)


Other Side Effects:

Pantoprazole has been known to be the possible cause of lowered magnesium after a long period of use. The following are symptoms that may occur if your magnesium levels get low:

– increased and/or unnatural heart rate

– involuntary muscle movements, jerks

– jittery and/or hyper feeling

– bloody and/or watery diarrhea

– cramping in the muscle(s)

– weakness in muscle(s), feeling weak

– limp feeling muscle(s)

– coughing, feeling the need to cough, or the feeling of choking

– headaches

– concentration problems, feeling confused

– issues in memory, hallucinating

– not wanting to eat

– feeling faint and/or fainting

– seizure

– shallow, heavy or difficulty breathing.

*Remember: This is NOT a list of every possible side effect. These are only known. Also, having any of the above symptoms does not guarantee that it was caused by the pantoprazole.

If you have had a different side effect that you believe is from the drug, please immediately contact your doctor and also report your symptom to the Food and Drug Administration.