Recommended Dosage

Pantoprazole Dosage

After it was initially approved by the United States in 2001, there have been a few changes to pantoprazole’s recommended dosage. The following is the newest information, updated in November in 2009. The following information does not necessarily apply for all proton pump inhibitors.

For Treating Erosive Esophagitis Affiliated with GERD in the Short-Term

Dose: Adults – 40 mg, Children under 5 and under 40 kg – 20 mg

Frequency: Once daily for up to 8 weeks, an additional 8 week course of treatment may be considered in patients who have not healed after the initial 8 weeks

For the Daily Maintenance of the Curing of Erosive Esophagitis

Dose: Adults – 40 mg

Frequency: Once daily

For Conditions of Pathological Hypersecretory that includes Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome

Dose: Adults – 40 mg

Frequency: Twice daily

Not much is known as far as large doses are concerned. In the event of an overdosage, the treatment needs to be supportive and symptomatic.

The following are the single oral doses that were lethal:

709 mg/kg for mice

798 mg/kg for rats

887 mg/kg for dogs

Acute toxicity symptoms include:

– ataxia

– limb-splay

– segregation

– tremor

– hypoactivity,

– hunched sitting

– lateral position

– absence of ear reflex

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